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Emma Stone is the best.  

she was funny, she hit her lines, she sang in tune, she was ahem perfect


always the best

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Emma Stone » 84th Academy Awards
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  • Celebrity: Well, I'm nominated for--
  • Ryan Seacrest: I GOT DUST SPILLED ON ME.
  • Celebrity: Yeah, I saw. I'm so sorr-
  • Ryan Seacrest: THERE IS DUST ON MY LAPEL.
  • Celebrity: Anyway, the show--
  • Ryan Seacrest: DUST. SUIT. URN.

emma-kunisI want make a tribute of a Emma Stone, she actually is my inspiration for be an actress (: Here you can find pics, audio, videos, downloads and more about this girl I hope you enjoy this :D ♥.

I edited my url because I want also make tribute to Mila Kunis, another of my inspirations for be an actress :D ♥


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